About Us

The Tender Behind2 AboutusFrom Shakespeare to Gilbert and Sullivan, Oscar Wilde to Agatha Christie to pantomimes, TAG caters for all tastes (oh yes we do!).

You don't need to have a theatrical background to join TAG – just a strong sense of fun and the ability to say 'That was absolutely wonderful daaaahling!', whilst keeping a straight face. A useful talent.

Tisbury Arts Group's first show was xxxx (Editor's note - no not really a xxx show I simply don't know what it's called! That is where we need the legend that is 'Idris Kirby') in 1974 when Paper Lace and 'Billy Don't Be A Hero' was top-of-the-pops, Vesta Chicken Curry was the height of exotic cuisine, a Goblin Teasmaid was seriously hi-tech and brown was the colour of choice for the man about town...and orange nylon dresses for the

lady about town.

Pirates Eva DavidOf course over the years many things have changed, particularly on the technical front and we have a sophisticated sound and lighting system, usually run by the younger members as they're the only ones that understand how to download from the internet, update our Face Book page, Tweet...or even turn a computer on. The fashion in clothes remains the same however – it's now retro!

TAG also promotes home-grown writers and has created some of the best comedy and dramatic productions, winning awards and accolades from across the Southern region.

We're lucky to have a choice of theatres to perform in which means we can tailor the performance to fit the venue.

The Victoria Hall was built in 1886 and has been at the heart of the Tisbury community, having a wonderful atmosphere, particularly for shows that demand audience participation – whether they are supposed to or not.

For larger audience, the modern Nadder Hall has a fantastic professional-sized stage and is used for a wide variety of other activities from Zumba classes to the popular Jazz Cafe; as well as myriad TAG musicals.

It's fair to say there is a lot going on – and at the centre of it all is the Tisbury Arts Group.